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Go on...you know you want to.

Guess That Movie!
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OK...this is a community where we play "The Movie Game". Basically the idea goes...

1) Pick a movie
2) Capture a frame from that movie onto your computer or download a frame off the net, whichever you like.
3) Post that image in the community with no clues as to the movie. We do ask that all images be put behind an LJ cut please. This is what an LJ cut looks like, just take out the spaces.
< lj-cut > pic goes here < /lj-cut >
4) Let everyone else guess the movie.

This is a community for all those who consider themselves knowledgeable on the subject of movies, and who have the ability to capture still images from them. Those who don't have access to screen capture software but would like to play along can find an abundance of movie stills on the internet. This is pretty much just a fun community, but just a few rules to make sure the game is kinda fun and that everyone has some chance to guess a film...

ALSO..We have decided to expand a little. If you really can't be bothered to post a movie still, post movie quotes instead! We like those too :)

1) All posts must include a picture from a film. Any spammers will lose membership and posting rights.
2) All films are welcome, but as is the nature of these things it may be better to stick to English language films if you want it to be guessed.
3) Wherever possible ensure your pictures are of a reasonable size so that wont annoy people when they look at their friends page. If that isnt possible please use a cut.
4) No Bitching,Fighting or generally disrespecting other members. If you initiate such behaviour you will be out.
5) One guess per comment please....no reeling off lists of films at once in the hope one in 1000 will be it.
6) The poster will be responsible for his/her own broken links and missing images. If such posts are not fixed, said post will be deleted.
Please NO hotlinking/direct linking from other sites. Save the pic you need onto your PC then upload to an image host.

http://photobucket.com/ and http://www.imageshack.us/ seem to be fairly reliable, and they're free.

Finally, this community was created by violet_black and is moderated by both rhino and violet_black .
Any queries, qualms or questions, contact either one of us.


Happy guessing!

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